Toggl Users, Unite! Free Utilization Report

How much revenue capacity are you leaving on the table? Get the free utilization report from Parallax to see how your billable utilization compares to capacity.

Understand Your Utilization in Minutes

Time tracking tools like Toggl are table stakes for service orgs looking to streamline invoicing to clients. But these tools lack deeper insights on organizational performance. Enter the Toggl Utilization Report from Parallax. 

To get your insights, all you need to do is sync your Toggl data and Parallax will run your utilization insights in minutes.

This free billable utilization report will help you:

Understand your team’s utilization compared to their capacity

View unused revenue capacity

See utilization broken down by billable, non-billable, and PTO

*All data processed for the utilization report is scrubbed of personal identifying information and is anonymized. We will not share your data with any third party.

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Toggl + Parallax

Take the guesswork out of planned vs. actual utilization and avoid burnout altogether. Parallax integrates with your Toggl data to provide easy access to planned capacity and resource needs so you can start matching people to the right projects for optimal team performance.

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Why Parallax?

Fact: Small improvements in utilization drive big bottom-line results.

Projects don’t always play out the way we hope. We’ve been there! And that’s why we built Parallax – to help agency and digital leaders like you make strategic decisions. Knowing when to hire, what work to sell, and how your tools (like Toggl) interact with each other is key.

Trusted By Leading Digital Services Companies

“Because the Parallax platform was built to serve the specific needs of our market and integrates with our existing business applications, we are able to deliver better experiences for our team and clients and focus on helping more businesses create successful, engaging products that people love.”

bruce mcmahon

Bruce McMahon
COO, Think Company