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Deliver Better Business Outcomes

Parallax empowers digital marketing companies with real-time visibility into project and team performance – empowering them to improve utilization, protect margins, and drive revenue.

The Power of Parallax for Digital Marketing Companies

Surging demand for creative and strategic digital marketing programs represents a huge opportunity for growth. But with that growth comes the need for measured and healthy operations. Parallax is a catalyst for better operations and enables marketing agencies to measure real-time project and team performance in order to drive business outcomes – without forcing your teams to adopt a monolithic solution.

By connecting data from your existing CRM, time keeping, project management, and accounting platforms, Parallax unlocks more value and insights from your current tools, enabling you to measure your impact and drive performance. And in competitive and evolving markets, Parallax provides critical visibility and accurate data on your performance so you can deliver business results.

“In our business, the further you can look out, plan, and understand what to expect, the better you can make decisions. If you can forecast what’s going to happen, it gives you an opportunity to continue growing the company and bringing in the right talent and resources when you need them. You’re not behind the eight-ball.”

chad atkinson

Chad Atkinson
Partner, Kahoa

The Challenges for Digital Marketing Companies

  • Limited Measurement

    A disconnected array of tools keeps marketing agencies from measuring real-time performance and seeing across the business. Data and decisions are locked in silos.

  • Reactive Resourcing

    When sales deals close or projects shift, there’s always a scramble to find the best resources. The right projects, for the right teams, never seem to align.

  • Stalled Growth

    Operational habits or a misalignment across tools can hold back growth. Accurate and actionable data is necessary for growth.

Real-Time Measurement for Better Performance

Parallax connects with your existing tools across CRM, project management, time keeping, and accounting platforms to create a shared perspective on your operations. We empower you to measure performance in real-time with accurate data from across projects and teams. Parallax enables more thoughtful planning and healthier operations to grow with purpose. 

Unlocking Stronger Performance

  • Powerful Business Insights

    Parallax integrates data from across the business to generate powerful reporting and insights for smart performance and strategic growth.

  • Proactive Resourcing

    By connecting data between sales and resource teams, Parallax allows sales to attach directionally accurate resource plans to deals as early as possible. Powerful project shaping features allow for more granular and proactive planning when work is ready to start.

  • Measured Growth

    Parallax helps teams create and maintain consistent, healthy, and growth-oriented operations across the business to ensure all teams have a shared perspective and everyone is focused on doing their best work.