PSA for Finance Teams

Real-Time Visibility Into Performance for Better Financial Control

Parallax empowers finance teams to assess real-time performance across the business – from sales all the way through to delivery. Meet your financial goals and make strategic decisions that drive the business forward.

Gain Financial Control Without Restrictive Tools

As digital services companies evolve, misalignments across sales and delivery can create significant strains on your bottom line. Disconnected tools that don’t talk to one another keep data and decisions in silos, but pulling actionable financial forecasts with reliable data is a pain. Monolithic ERPs are a massive expense and create disruptive change throughout the organization. Parallax creates a shared perspective across the business by integrating with the tools your team loves while empowering you with accurate data to enable strategic growth. No rip-and-replace, just better and more consistent operations and a shared perspective on how to meet your goals.

The Challenges for Finance Teams

  • Incomplete, Inaccurate Data

    A lack of consistent data governance makes it difficult for finance teams to trust their numbers and make decisions. Running reports is time-consuming.

  • Reactive Decisions

    Disconnected tools or out-of-date information prevents teams from seeing project financial concerns like cost overruns until it’s too late to do anything about them.

  • Limited Forecasting

    Disconnected platforms and inconsistent data makes forecasting financials across the organization all but impossible. Manual approaches to get this data means it’s out of date by the time you’re done.

Parallax Delivers More Control

With native integrations across your CRM and delivery platforms, Parallax brings in the right data and enables the right operational habits for you to track the real-time financial health of projects, teams, and the business. No matter your billing model, Parallax provides clear visibility into project finances and enables teams to adjust and re-align to maintain margin and revenue goals. Plus, powerful business insights help you perform with confidence.

“Implementing Parallax has helped us to adopt several new practices that have reduced inconsistency and heroism in our processes. For example, the concept of predefined shapes has improved collaboration between sales and delivery. The revenue and utilization reports have given us ready and convenient access to data that is helping us turn more of our time into revenue. And project-level profitability tracking is starting to give our delivery leaders the actionable data they need to manage their projects financially.”

Tim Hamilton
CEO, Praxent

Parallax Delivers Financial Confidence

  • Confident Data Governance

    Controlled and consistent data integration from existing tools delivers reliable, accurate, and actionable information and reduce time-consuming spreadsheets.

  • Real-Time Insights

    Reports and insights at the project level allow finance teams to help adjust project plans or reset expectations before overages or other issues significantly impact financial performance.

  • Valuable Forecasts

    With financial forecasting based on sales pipeline and projected financials for work in the backlog, finance teams get real-time insights and can make realistic and timely business decisions.


We’re Here For You, Project Finance Team!

Project finance teams keep the pulse on budgets and delivery timelines, but it’s often an arduous and time-consuming job. There’s a better way.

Take Your Tools to The Next Level

Curate a shared perspective with the tools you already use. Parallax delivers predictive resourcing and active forecasting without forcing delivery teams to change.