Outplan uncertainty

with capacity forecasting & resource planning

It’s time to disrupt reactive agency operations. Boost utilization, hit your margin goals, and get ahead of the hustle with Parallax.

Future-proof with forecasting

Parallax is a strategic operations solution built to help digital service organizations with forward-looking resource planning.

Capacity Planning

  • See capacity based on existing and upcoming workloads
  • Improve deal margin by scenario planning resources for deals in pipeline
  • Increase close rates by selling services that align with available capacity
  • Easily price deals with using common services templates
  • Sales & delivery collaborate proactively on projects in the sales pipeline

Resource Management

  • Proactively plan and manage utilization from planning to project close
  • Auto-generate resource plans for common services
  • Easily update forward looking resource plans in real-time
  • Turn painful resource triage meetings into strategic resource planning

Project Financials

  • Real time project financials empowers project teams to maximize profitability
  • Forecast revenue and margin in real time
  • Easily see planned, actual and projected burn vs budget
  • Pinpoint projects trending over budget and quickly adjust go forward plans
  • Understand profit centers with insights on how service demand and profitability are evolving

Predictive Operations


  • Get up to the minute alerts on critical project issues
  • Use capacity and utilization forecasts to know who and when to hire
  • Diagnose historical and projected utilization to maximize revenue
  • Create, measure and reinforce best practices and habits for operational excellence

A fundamentally different approach to strategic operations

  • The cost of inconsistent operations

    Digital service organizations have run on disconnected tactical tools focused on today’s operations and reporting on the past. This leads to an ongoing cycle of not enough work or too much work.

  • Break the cycle with Parallax

    This cycle repeats until you have a central source of truth built on forward-looking planning.

    Enter Parallax.

    Parallax connects your disparate systems to power a holistic view of operations.

  • Solve problems before they start

    You now have a centralized command center to see capacity to take on new work, align work to resources, and get predictive alerts on active projects to course correct.

Parallax changes the game for
your entire team

Before Parallax

  • Wondering if I have enough of the right work to keep my entire team’s utilization high
  • My team is busy but we’re consistently missing margin goals
  • What are my profit centers to invest more in?

After Parallax

  • Visibility into how current and upcoming projects overlay onto my entire team’s capacity. Focus sales efforts on services we have capacity for
  • Detailed insights to diagnose trends in margin by project, department, client and more
  • Quantify practice areas driving the highest revenue and margin to double down on for hiring

Before Parallax

  • Pivoting between operational fires of the minute
  • Struggling to optimize resource utilization consistently across teams
  • Constant triage of resourcing to hit delivery dates

After Parallax

  • Early and extended resource plans creates team efficiencies, minimizing fire fighting
  • Diagnose why team members are low to utilization goals to drive coaching conversations
  • Transparently see available resources to pull into projects to hit delivery dates without back-and-forth meetings

Before Parallax

  • Sales sets unrealistic kickoff and delivery dates we can’t make work
  • Constant internal meetings to beg, borrow and steal resources to make delivery dates
  • Lack of team efficiency from constantly switching between projects

After Parallax

  • Team capacity is available for everyone to see to better line up projects for successful kickoffs
  • Easily find and assign available resources to projects through a central system
  • Forward-looking planning balances workloads to minimize context switching inefficiencies

Before Parallax

  • Lack of confidence in trusting we’ll hit our margin goals
  • Frequently dealing with overruns
  • Feeling reactive due to lack of visibility into expected revenue and margin

After Parallax

  • Diagnose with certainty where margin leakage is occurring and for what types of projects
  • Ability to see real-time insights on projects trending over budget for course correction
  • Confidence in forecasts on revenue and margin

Before Parallax

  • Struggling to get time estimates from delivery to quote projects
  • Lack of focus on what services to sell
  • Lacking insights into when projects can kick off to set expectations with clients

After Parallax

  • Price deals automatically through deal templates in CRM based on team members, hours and margin expected for the project
  • Focused on selling the right type of work to maximize utilization of all team members
  • Has visibility into broader team’s capacity earlier in sales process to set right kick off expectations

Keep using the tools you know and love

The power of Parallax comes from connecting with your existing tools to become your strategic operations HQ. No rip and replace needed so you’re up and running quickly.

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Parallax customers see real, measurable impact


Revenue growth


Increase in billable


Increase in revenue per billable employee


Increase in profit margin


Purpose-built for digital services companies

Software Dev
Big Bet PSA Quick Win 90 D a ys 12-18 Months 3Mo 6Mo 9Mo 1Y 1.25Y 1.5Y

Quick ROI

Parallax is designed to shorten the road from rollout to value. Legacy PSAs take anywhere between 12-18 months to implement and adopt. You’ll see value from Parallax in weeks and fully implemented in 90 days.

Why Parallax?

80% of digital services companies struggle to grow profitably from a lack of forward-looking planning centered on profitability and efficiency. Parallax is the only solution to move you from reactive triage to proactive confidence in your strategic operations.