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Predictive Resource Management for World-Class Delivery

Elevate resource managers from a support role to a strategic contributor by connecting the tools you already have and enabling predictive planning.

The Power of Parallax for Resource and Operations Teams

Resource, operations, and delivery teams live in a world of constant flux. Sales lands a big project or something falls through last-minute. Both scenarios set off a scramble for resources. Or work is taking longer than expected to deliver, which crunches margin and chokes forward-looking capacity. We built Parallax exactly for this purpose: to help resource and operations teams gain more control and more visibility to predict changes in resource demand – all without a monolithic ERP or forcing teams onto new tools they don’t want to use. Parallax empowers resourcing teams to accurately manage today and forecast for tomorrow for better business performance.

customer story

Conscious Minds Adopts Strategic Operations, Grows Revenue 199%

“Before Parallax, we had processes but we didn’t have systems. Parallax is now the fulcrum for so many of our systems: the things that are coming into the company and the things that are going out to the broader team.”

Cam DeArmond
CEO and Managing Partner, Conscious Minds

The Challenges for Resource Managers

  • Limited Control

    Decisions around resources can be emotional and disappointing, and managers are caught in the middle.

  • Lack of Predictability

    As demand for resources changes, teams scramble to find people rather than forecast future demand.

  • Feast or Famine Mentality

    It’s difficult to know how changing projects impact peoples’ time. People are either too busy or on the bench.

Strategic, Proactive Resource Forecasting

Parallax is purpose-built to give resource and operations teams insight into planned utilization – helping to move from reactive to proactive planning. Empower your teams to stay on track and unlock more value from the tools you already have for healthier operations.

Reliable, Accurate, and Predictive Forecasting

  • Balance Workloads

    Parallax empowers resource teams to balance workloads with real-time visibility into team capacity.

  • Meet Project Goals

    See the impact on project financials like revenue, costs, and margin when adjusting resource allocations.

  • Forecast Supply and Demand

    Better visibility and predictability allows for proactive resourcing decisions based on shared data.

Run a Reactive Digital Services Firm? Every Employee Plays a Role in Forecasting.

Every employee plays a role in forecasting within your digital services firm. Each person impacts whether you can run accurate, real-time forecasts to inform strategic planning.

Take Your Tools to the Next Level

Curate a shared perspective with the tools you already use. Parallax delivers predictive resourcing and active forecasting without forcing delivery teams to change.