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Parallax Pricing FAQs

How does Parallax pricing work?

Parallax pricing is simply determined per billable resource. We don’t charge for non-billable resources to use our tool. We deliver simple, transparent, and predictable pricing from the start

Does Parallax pricing increase if I hire more people?

No! We lock you in for the term of your contract so you can hire without the worry of increasing your license cost.

Do integrations cost more?

Heck no! Parallax was purpose-built to support integrations from the very beginning, and we believe that the best-in-breed tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Harvest, and Asana are best for a reason. We don’t charge for you to keep using the tools you love.

How does Parallax Pricing Work?

  • Predictable and Transparent

    We lock in your price for the term of your contract, meaning no surprise increases if you hire more people. Isn’t growth the goal?

  • Focused on Value

    Customer champions and digital services experts help you assess how your revenue potential and utilization measures up against industry benchmarks. And we help you leverage Parallax to drive more profitability and stronger performance. We believe Parallax pays for itself in a matter of months!

  • Designed for Integrations

    We reject the idea of pulling people from the project management, CRM or timesheet tools they know and trust. Put Parallax in the middle of that techstack for a curated perspective on the supply and demand for your business.

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“With Parallax, utilization information is right in front of me. I can forecast while also looking back at historical utilization. I have a lot of clarity about what’s going on with my team and whether we have the project work to support the staff that we have.”

Kristen DiCamillo | Managing Partner, HUSH

An integrated Toolset for a Curated Perspective