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Break Away From Homegrown Tools for Better Business Forecasting

Professional Services Automation solutions should enable smart, strategic growth without adding complexity or friction to your unique processes. Are you ready to experience the Parallax difference?

Smarter Insights, Better Performance

An unintended consequence of growth is a disjointed mix of homegrown tools used to track and report on business performance. We understand the appeal of deploying your teams to build tools in-house, but there’s a lot of risk and cost in maintaining these tools that never quite work the way they should.

All-in-one solutions add unnecessary complexity, long adoption cycles, and take teams out of the tools they use today for sales planning, time tracking, and project accounting.

Parallax is a professional services automation solution built to help software development companies and tech consultancies break away from outmoded and cumbersome home-built tools for better insights on business performance.

customer story

Mindset Consulting Gains Confidence in its Data and Insights.

“With Parallax, we’re working from a single, consolidated set of data that provides us a lot more confidence that the decisions we’re making are the correct ones.”

Luke Van Epern
COO, Mindset Consulting

The Challenges for Software Development Companies

  • Homegrown Tools

    In-house and homemade tools are costly and create barriers for growth. Plus they divert billable resources and create technical debt.

  • Strained Resources

    Resources are in high demand. Avoiding burnout while maintaining a balanced, consistent billable utilization across teams is tough, but necessary.

  • Limited Collaboration

    Friction between sales and delivery creates confusion and uncertainty across teams, especially when it comes to setting and managing expectations for what it takes to deliver common services.

Focus on Your Value

What’s more important: The in-house tools you create or the value you deliver to customers with innovative technology solutions? Free your business and your teams from maintaining expensive and distracting in-house tools and build a more collaborative and integrated approach for better business performance.

How Parallax Delivers

  • Connected Tools

    Parallax natively integrates with top CRM, time keeping, project management, and accounting tools for better planning, forecasting, and tracking – without the technical debt of building these tools in-house.

  • Balanced Resources

    We empower resource and project teams to allocate or earmark resources as sales progress, meaning there’s no scramble for help when deals close.

  • Shared Perspective

    By integrating data from sales and delivery, both teams can have a shared understanding of the supply and demand in the business and make smarter decisions, together.