Mindset Consulting Gains Confidence In Its Data and Insights

Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN
Company type: Technology consulting
Company size: 120 employees + ~150 contract resources

Key Integrations

The gist

Mindset Consulting, a technology consulting firm, implemented Parallax to more effectively manage its workforce and optimize its service delivery.

The challenge

As Mindset Consulting grew, the firm outgrew the tools it used to plan projects, manage resources, and forecast future resource needs. The tools didn’t provide deep enough insights into which resources were allocated to which project and for how much time, making it difficult to plan and execute projects efficiently.

“Our tools weren’t providing us with the level of clarity required to manage our in-flight projects effectively,” said Luke Van Epern, COO at Mindset Consulting.

Mindset Consulting needed a platform that would help it optimize the firm’s available resources for upcoming projects and understand sooner how deals in the sales pipeline would impact its future resource needs.

The solution

When Mindset Consulting discovered Parallax, the firm appreciated that Parallax understood the challenges digital services companies face in planning and delivering their services. Parallax’s platform was built for digital service firms by digital services experts, and the product’s features reflected that.

Mindset Consulting now uses Parallax as its professional service automation (PSA) platform to:

  • Access data and insights the team can trust and rely on to make critical business decisions related to hiring and project planning
  • Proactively understand resource needs based on sold work and deals projected to close in the sales pipeline
  • Strategically allocate resources to projects
  • Determine, based on insights, which resources its recruiting team should focus on hiring
  • Provide cross-functional visibility into the sales pipeline, resource plans, and key business metrics

With Parallax, we’re working from a single, consolidated set of data that provides us a lot more confidence that the decisions we’re making are the correct ones.

Luke Van Epern
COO, Mindset Consulting

What’s next for Mindset Consulting?

Mindset Consulting’s next plan with Parallax is to accelerate its use as a single source of truth for its larger team. “The single biggest impact Parallax has driven for our business has been its ability to provide data and visibility to our team,” Van Epern said. The firm sees an opportunity for even more employees to use Parallax for visibility and to get answers to their questions.

For example, a leader with a team of four software developers might not use Parallax daily. However, she could log in to Parallax at any given time to understand where, exactly, her developers will be spending their time over the next six weeks. Van Epern would also like to maximize the potential of Parallax’s insights for strategic growth and project planning.