psa for leadership teams

Focused Insights to Help You Strengthen Performance

Cut through the noise and make data-driven decisions to improve utilization, increase margins, and drive revenue.

The Power of Parallax for Leadership Teams

Operating a high-performing digital services company requires delivering great work today, while building a plan to perform even better in the future. You also have to lead multiple teams, sometimes with competing priorities. Parallax helps you implement best practices to do it all right now.

Parallax is a Professional Services Automation platform designed to give growth-minded leaders the data and support needed to develop and execute a cohesive plan. Some of the best digital services companies leverage Parallax to optimize operations and drive business results. But it’s more than just a tool. Parallax is a complete solution that will finally allow you to deliver on your vision. 

customer story

TEN7 Grows Headcount by 50% and Allocates its Resources Confidently

β€œThe Parallax platform is one of our most valuable business tools – from robust features, like forecasting and resource planning, to our ability to provide employees with real-time transparency into what they should be working on and where to spend their time, we have eliminated the guesswork in our strategic planning efforts.”

Ivan Stegic

How Leadership Teams Struggle With Growth

  • Misaligned Perspectives

    As organizations scale, a fragile array of spreadsheets or home-grown tools means everyone sees the business from their own perspectives.

  • Manual Processes

    Data and reporting is often backwards looking, and creating forecasts is a time-consuming process.

  • Reactive Decision-Making

    Leaders spend too much time reacting to fires and not planning for the future.

Parallax Delivers the Insights You Need to Grow With Confidence

Parallax creates a shared perspective across your business and empowers your teams to do their best work. By integrating with the tools you already have, Parallax helps establish and maintain healthy operations and industry best practices. Parallax delivers confidence on meeting – and exceeding – your business goals.

Cut Through the Noise With an Integrated Approach

  • Shared Perspectives

    Parallax brings business data together so everyone can make more informed decisions, together.

  • Smarter Forecasting

    Parallax eliminates the pain of generating reports and forecasts from disparate tools or outmoded spreadsheets that are prone to errors.

  • Proactive Thinking

    Leaders have accurate, reliable data to drive strategic growth and to manage with confidence.

Take Your Tools to the Next Level

Curate a shared perspective with the tools you already use. Parallax delivers predictive resourcing and active forecasting without forcing delivery teams to change.