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Integrated Tools for Smarter Business Performance

Leading technology consultants inherently know the value of the tools they use to manage their operations. Parallax builds on your expertise with a thoughtful approach to implementation, onboarding, and consulting to help you understand what’s working, and what’s not, in order to meet your goals.

The Power of Parallax for Technology Consultants

Demand for technology consulting, IT services, and digital transformation projects never seems to slow down. So these in-demand organizations naturally have a broad array of tech platforms to manage their operations and delivery for clients. But over time, legacy tools or processes can limit growth and create friction between teams.

Parallax understands the complex toolset that technology consultants use to plan and execute. Our consultants work with you to assess which systems work well, which should integrate with our solution, and which ones could evolve based on your strategic goals. And we’re committed to driving an accelerated time to value with Parallax.

By combining a modern and intuitive professional services automation solution with industry experts who understand your business, Parallax helps you unlock more value from your current technology so you can unlock purposeful performance.

customer story

Ten7 Grows Headcount by 50% and Allocates its Resources Confidently

“It was important for us to find a platform that gave us the ability to make decisions using data from tools we already use. The fact that Parallax talks to HubSpot and Harvest meant we didn’t need to switch everything over to a new platform.”

Ivan Stegic

The Challenges for Technology Consultants

  • Siloed Data

    A complex mix of technology platforms to run the business may result in legacy tools and disparate data that ultimately limit growth.

  • Limited Visibility

    With different project and billing models, it’s hard to see which offerings are in demand and which are in decline.

  • Slow Adoption

    Teams are weary of the onboarding friction and change that comes with news tools or processes.

Better Visibility, Stronger Performance

Parallax was born to unlock growth for digital services companies. By creating a shared perspective between your teams and across your current technology solutions, Parallax centralizes data from CRM, project management, time keeping, and accounting functions to deliver real-time visibility into performance. Parallax’s expert team works with you to assess your current technology mix: not only to help you gain better insights into the business, but also to drive adoption of your tools so you can optimize your operations and evolve with purpose.

Unlocking More Value

  • Integrations-First PSA

    Parallax was built by industry experts with integrations in mind from the very beginning. So rather than forcing teams into platforms they don’t want, empower them to use the tools they already love.

  • Shared Perspective

    Parallax’s powerful insights and reporting create a shared perspective on business performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Faster Time to Value

    Parallax is committed to driving successful implementation and adoption so you can unlock more value from your investment, quickly.

Take Your Tools to The Next Level

Curate a shared perspective with the tools you already use. Parallax delivers predictive resourcing and active forecasting without forcing delivery teams to change.