Predictive Operations Intelligence

See real-time insights into the
health of your service operations

The intelligence you need to improve utilization, revenue capacity, margin, and hiring decisions

The insights you need today to optimize operations of tomorrow

Create your competitive advantage from deep insights into the health of your operation. With real-time insight into the areas of your business most closely tied to profitability and efficiency, you now make confident, data-driven decisions to optimize your resources and operations. 

Streamline efficiency

  • Complete projects more efficiently, delivery work faster, and increase profitability through deep insights into team utilization

Capitalize on opportunities

  • Evolve your service offerings by pinpointing services and clients contributing to your profitability. Hire confidently for in demand services driving your bottom line.

Own your margin

  • No more waiting until projects close to understand profitability. Predictive project financials give you the ability to adjust plans to hit financial goals before it’s too late. 

Quote correctly

  • See trends in project plans to actuals and use as a feedback loop to inform profitable bids.

Deep insights for proactive planning


Deep utilization insights

Uncover utilization stats for each team member or by department. See total capacity, planned hours, actual hours, planned utilization, and actual utilization

Dig deeper and see how individuals, departments, or roles are spending their time between billable, PTO, holiday, and remaining hours

Utilization forecasts detail planned utilization for the next eight weeks based on in-flight projects and those in the pipeline. Easily see where individuals, departments, or project teams are projected to be over or under planned capacity. 


Margin insight

Diagnose types of projects or clients making up your profit centers or margin killers.

Get real-time alerts for projects at risk of missing margin goals.

See a forecasted view of project margin based on actual burn to budget.


Hiring insights

Understand precisely if your current team has the ability to take on planned and in-pipeline work. Uncover the gaps and get proactive with hiring to meet your demand. 

Leadership and sales now have transparency on resourcing lead times to better understand what projects you can take on and when those projects can kickoff. 


Revenue insights

See timing of earned and forecasted revenue from contracts based on time & materials, fixed bid, fixed retainers or a hybrid of these models. 

Forecast your revenue from known won projects and scenario plan for those in the pipeline. Get a visualization of when won projects and pipeline projects will hit your books.

Visualize progress to pipeline and revenue goals. See what employees are generating the most revenue. 

Why leading agencies choose Parallax

Revenue growth
Increase in billable utilization
Increase in revenue per billable employee

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