It’s time to disrupt

reactive operations.

Proactive planning starts with Parallax

This professional services industry needs a reset

Digital service organizations have been using heroic efforts aided by tactical tools or bloated PSAs to produce their amazing work. But the peaks and valleys of work continue with a limited ability to see ahead and be anything other than reactive.


Focus on the Most Important Operational Pillars

Parallax was born for those wanting to disrupt the reactive pattern and for those looking to outplan uncertainty.

Parallax powers modern service companies to allow them to focus on what’s most important when it comes to the growth of their business.

Parallax Changes the Game for Agencies

Parallax was created to disrupt this reactionary pattern and help agencies outplan uncertainty. Parallax powers the new way modern service companies are looking ahead to confidently plan for growth.

  • Real-time and accurate insights

    For reliable business intelligence

    Create a shared perspective from revenue and utilization insights you can trust – in real time. Maximize utilization for all team members by evaluating and adjusting workloads with data-backed insights.

  • Plan ahead

    Create a forecasted capacity view

    Create a forecasted view of operations to proactively plan to meet your demand and create demand where you have open capacity. Connect your sales and delivery teams to set engagements up for success before they even start.

  • Project financials for all

    Democratize financial decision-making

    Enable your team to make project-level financial decisions like a CFO. With Parallax, projects are centered around financial goals from initial resource plans to real-time project burn-to-budget insight. Course correct and hit your margin like clockwork.

An immediate impact on your business

With Parallax it’s easy to see what life looks like before and after.

“We built Parallax as the tool we wish we had at our own shops. It delivers better visibility, better insights, and stronger connectivity across the business, without forcing teams to switch tools. But our expert team, who walk with you to improve your operations, is what separates us from the pack.

Tom O’Neill
Co-Founder and CEO, Parallax

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