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Reduce Friction Across Teams, Unlock Smarter Forecasting

Bold, innovative, and forward-thinking agencies are constantly delivering the next big thing for clients. Parallax removes friction between sales and delivery teams by creating a shared perspective with the tools they already love.

The Power of Parallax for Full Service Digital Agencies

Growing a digital agency is hard work. Competition for top talent is fierce, costs are going up, and the potential for margins to shrink amid threatening commoditization is very real. Healthy operations and a shared perspective on business performance are necessary to stay competitive and to keep the business on track.

Parallax helps agencies see the big picture by integrating with the tools you already use, so you can proactively respond to trends across the business. Understand which services are most profitable, or which ones are growing in demand. Assess what kind of talent you need now and what you’ll need tomorrow. Parallax empowers you with business intelligence, so you can be more strategic and grow with confidence.

customer story

Conscious Minds Adopts Strategic Operations, Grows Revenue 199%

“Before Parallax, we had processes but we didn’t have systems. Parallax is now the fulcrum for so many of our systems: the things that are coming into the company and the things that are going out to the broader team.”

Cam DeArmond
CEO and Managing Partner, Conscious Minds

The Challenges for Digital Agencies

  • Lack of Business Intelligence

    Many digital agencies are unsure of what services are profitable and which are stalling out. They have a limited view on how demand for services is changing and the impact that has on profitability.

  • Reactive Decisions

    When sales deals close or projects shift, there’s always a scramble to find the best resources. The right projects, for the right teams, never seem to hit at the right time.

  • Limited View on Performance

    When data is inaccurate or time-consuming to produce, it’s difficult to react to poor performance or to make real-time adjustments to get things back on track.

Embrace Operational Health

Every digital agency has a unique strategic process and creative approach to deliver big ideas for clients. But the operational health of these businesses comes down to a few basic concepts related to time management and routine data reviews for better resource management and strategic planning. Don’t fall into the trap of rejecting operational best practices. Embrace them so you can have more actionable data to focus on your craft, your creativity, and your people.

Reduce Reactive Decisions

With limited connectivity between sales and delivery teams, plus disconnected tools to track project performance and resource management, agencies are constantly stuck in a reactive mindset. By integrating your existing tools across CRM, time keeping, project management, and accounting, you’ll unlock the strategic insights you need to optimize performance today while planning for tomorrow.

Unlocking Agency Growth

  • Powerful Business Insights

    Parallax integrates data from across the business to generate powerful reporting and insights for smart performance and strategic growth.

  • Proactive Resourcing

    By connecting data between sales and resource teams, Parallax allows sales to attach directionally accurate resource plans to deals as early as possible. Powerful project shaping features allow for more granular and proactive planning when work is ready to start.

  • Shared Perspective

    Parallax creates a shared perspective on the supply and demand in your agency, without time-consuming and cumbersome spreadsheet reports. Keep your people focused on doing their best work and make data-driven decisions with actionable data.