Connect the tools you use today to create your operations HQ

No need to rip and replace your existing tech, get revenue performance data faster by integrating with Parallax.

A Connected Toolset with Parallax

With most all-in-one PSA tools, you’re forced to migrate away from the tools your team uses day in and day out, causing friction with team adoption and lengthy implementation and onboarding.

Parallax integrates the tools that best-in-class service organizations love to use today – with less friction, less time, and less money spent forcing teams to adopt a whole new set of tools and workflows.

Creating an Interconnected View

With your tools connected, and your teams aligned, Parallax provides:

⭐️ Greater visibility, predictability, and data governance
⭐️ Stronger adoption across your entire toolset
⭐️ Actionable insights to inform strategic planning
⭐️ Fewer disruptions to your team’s workflow

Stopping Reactive Operations Starts with Parallax

Grow Confidently with Forward-Looking Capacity and Resource Planning

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    Forecasted Capacity Planning

    See team capacity to take on projects and align sales to sell your available capacity. Connect sales and delivery before projects are won to efficiently set up successful engagements.

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    Resource Planning and Management

    Assign resources to a project using forecasts on incoming demand. Maximize utilization for all team members by evaluating and adjusting workloads.

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    Project Financials

    Enable your team to make project-level financial decisions like a CFO. With Parallax your projects are now centered around financial goals from initial resource plans to real-time project burn-to-budget insight.

“Before Parallax, we couldn’t figure out a way to connect Harvest, JIRA, and our Excel sheet into one place. And on top of that, we never figured out a way to connect HubSpot, so sales weren’t even part of the conversation.”

Senior Product Manager