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Natively Built for Powerful Integrations

A PSA solution designed with integrations at its core, Parallax leverages the tools that already work – meaning no rip-and-replace headaches and no force-fitting one monolithic solution.

Key Parallax Integrations

“It was important for us to find a platform that gave us the ability to make decisions using data from tools we already use. The fact that Parallax talks to HubSpot and Harvest meant we didn’t need to switch everything over to a new platform.”

ivan stegic

Ivan Stegic



Create a Connected Toolset with Parallax

Gone are the days of forcing teams onto all-in-one solutions with frustrating features and disappointing adoption.

Parallax allows seamless orchestration between best-in-class tools, while encouraging best practices in: sales pricing and planning, project accounting, resource management, and forecasting.


• Greater visibility, predictability, and data governance
• Stronger adoption across your entire toolset
• Better insights to inform strategic planning
• Fewer disruptions to your team’s workflow

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Unlock Human Potential

Legacy PSA platforms and monolithic ERPs force project and delivery teams to use sub-optimal tools for project management and timekeeping. This creates a huge learning curve and administrative burden for teams, and it necessitates significant change unrelated to their core value. Parallax’s integrations-first approach is different. And we’re always adding new tools to broaden the power of our integrated toolset. Empower teams with the tools they already use while optimizing operations for better performance.