psa for project managers

A Total View of Operational Health for Accurate Project Tracking

Parallax empowers project managers to keep projects, teams, and budgets on track by connecting the tools and platforms across your business.

Integrate Your Tools for Better Project Performance

As digital services companies grow, a fragile array of spreadsheets can make the life of a PM feel more that of a professional babysitter. Their success is often dictated by their ability to get everyone else to do their jobs on time. Parallax provides real-time project performance compared to plans without requiring PMs or their teams to learn new tools for project management or time tracking. Parallax empowers PMs to get ahead of issues before they become too big to course-correct.

“Parallax is our authoritative source of information. If a project isn’t in Parallax, it hasn’t been shaped accordingly. That means our recruiters won’t be looking for new people if we need to add them. Our project managers aren’t going to be putting together statements of work. These clear expectations have streamlined our processes tremendously.”

chad atkinson

Chad Atkinson
Partner, Kahoa

Managing Projects and People Isn’t Easy

  • Limited Visiblity

    PMs rarely have visibility into what sales is selling or what expectations are being set. They feel set up to fail.

  • Lack of Data

    A lack of real-time, reliable data on project performance requires lots of meetings and manual spreadsheets.

  • Resource Surprises

    Resource log jams or surprise switches makes planning a nightmare. PMs get stuck in a reactive swirl.

Better Insights for Better Project Management

Rather than forcing project managers to chase teams for time-entry or cobble together time-consuming reports for management, Parallax empowers them to do what they do best: keep teams, projects, and budgets on track with real-time reporting. Enable stronger collaboration and create a shared perspective of your team’s performance.

Parallax Puts Project Managers in Control

  • Real-Time Performance

    Even the best plans change. Parallax easily shows team and project performance compared to plan and gives PMs the ability to make adjustments before issues arise.

  • Big-Picture Reporting

    No more fragile spreadsheet or data silos. Parallax puts data in one place – in real-time. And it’s pulled from the tools teams use every day so no one has to switch.

  • Better Collaboration

    Parallax enables better collaboration with sales teams and AEs to right size project teams and budgets, and it helps PMs set better expectations to deliver great work.


5 Reasons Spreadsheets are Holding you Back

Your spreadsheets are difficult to maintain, integrate, forecast from, and inhibit problem solving. Adopting a PSA platform can help reduce your reliance on  them.

Take Your Tools to The Next Level

Curate a shared perspective with the tools you already use. Parallax delivers predictive resourcing and active forecasting without forcing delivery teams to change.