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Resource planning and forecasting to drive increased utilization, margin and team orchestration

80% of Digital Services Companies in North America Struggle to Grow in a Profitable Way.

Parallax exists to help digital services companies optimize their operations and make strategic decisions with confidence. Homegrown tools and a fragile array of spreadsheets keep data and decisions in silos. Monolithic ERPs force delivery teams to sacrifice the tools they use to do their best work. Parallax delivers a shared perspective by integrating the tools you already use for better operations and forecasting. We’re driven to remove friction and uncertainty among teams and reinforce best practices with a consultative approach to help digital services companies run happier and healthier.


Integrations-First PSA

Parallax empowers digital services companies to unlock more value and insights from the tools they already have by integrating CRM, project management, resource management, and accounting systems. It creates tighter alignment across the business for better visibility and decision-making without forcing teams to adopt new tools or monolithic platforms.

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Informed Decisions for Strategic Growth

Parallax is built for growth-minded organizations looking to evolve with purpose. It becomes the catalyst for operational maturity and strategic growth, and helps drive better utilization, stronger margins, and more revenue.

Focus on what’s important today while planning for tomorrow with a PSA solution built specifically for digital services companies.

“We built Parallax as the tool we wish we had at our own shops. It delivers better visibility, better insights, and stronger connectivity across the business, without forcing teams to switch tools. But our expert team, who walk with you to improve your operations, is what separates us from the pack.

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Tom O’Neill
Co-Founder and CEO, Parallax