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    Start Forecasting and Stop Triaging

    Easily integrate your CRM pipeline data with current and future capacity so you can confidently understand when to kick off projects, the resources you need, and what services you have capacity to take on.

  • Onboard in 90-Days

    With all-in-one PSA tools, onboarding can take 6-12 months and be disruptive to your current day-to-day operations, sometimes even grinding them to a halt. With Parallax, you’ll be up and running in 30-90 days.

  • Expert Consulting & Ongoing Account Support

    Every Parallax Customer receives a consultative onboarding with an integrations-first approach. Post-onboarding our seasoned account managers work with you on a continuous basis to ensure you’re effectively working toward your goals.



Achieve Strategic and Purposeful Growth

Create a shared perspective on financial performance and forward-looking growth with project-level financials, forecasted capacity, and resource management.

“Parallax created broad visibility across all of our projects, allowing us to dig into projects and easily see how they’re staffed and the budget and timeline for each. It’s empowering to have insights at your fingertips that help you understand how things are going and why, so we can stay on top of everything.”

Nick Lindeke, Head of Delivery_headshot

Nick Lindeke
Head of Delivery, LaunchPad Lab