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Product Advisory Council

The Parallax Product Advisory Council (PAC) brings together leading custom software development firms, digital agencies, and tech consultancies who are focused on growing with confidence, exploring industry trends, and shaping the future product direction of Parallax.

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Why Join the PAC?

The Parallax Product Advisory Council (PAC) includes more than 140 businesses spanning digital and performance marketing agencies, custom software development firms, and tech consultancies, each offering unique insights informing our product roadmap, marketing messaging, and go-to-market strategy.

As a member of the Parallax PAC, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the insights gathered from our users, inform the Parallax product strategy, and help us refine and prioritize our roadmap. PAC members also explore industry trends and best practices related to sales pricing, resource planning, project accounting, and the predictive analytics needed to help agencies and consultancies grow with confidence.

There’s no commitment on your end other than allowing us to add you to the list of the companies to whom we occasionally send product and industry updates and requests for feedback and support.

What Makes the PAC a Good Fit For You?

  • You’re Not a Stranger to the Challenges of Growth

    You understand first-hand that driving healthier operations is key to achieving growth and unlocking the potential of your people.

  • You’re Interested in Contributing to Parallax’s Product Direction

    “Product roadmap” is a term you’ve heard before and providing feedback to increase Parallax’s value to businesses like yours is of interest to you.

  • You’re a Mentor at Heart

    Your valuable experience comes from years of lots of successes, and maybe some failures, and you enjoy sharing that with others and networking to explore trends and solve common problems.

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Join the PAC

As a member of the Parallax PAC here’s what you can expect:

  • Share best practices with other industry leaders.
  • Participate in interactive sessions and demos.
  • Learn about and influence product strategy.

Touchpoints include:

  • PAC Newsletter: Includes product updates, announcements, and interesting things we’re learning along the way.
  • Design Reviews & UX Research: Periodically we call on our members to participate in web-based design review sessions.
  • PAC Meet-ups: Chat product, rub shoulders with your peers, get inspired!
  • PAC Surveys: Participate in surveys to help us gather business insights.

Apply to Join the Parallax PAC