OKRs for Digital Services Companies

This template will help you align your company to its goals, create a workplace that wins the best clients, and attract and retain the best employees.

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Why Use the OKR Framework

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) frameworks have gained traction within digital services companies as an effective measurement tool. The framework encourages leadership teams to write down and formalize what they’re trying to achieve and make it visible across the organization to all employees.

Additionally, OKRs give structure to ambitious growth goals, giving digital agencies a path forward to achieve those goals.

Get to Know Parallax

Think of Parallax as your strategic command center that operationalizes your forecasted planning and resource management practices.

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    Forecasted Capacity Planning

    Plan beyond just the next two weeks. Parallax allows your team to scenario plan on upcoming projects to ensure you’re using team resources effectively in the weeks and months to come.

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    Resource Planning & Management

    Maximize utilization for all team members by evaluating and adjusting workloads. Backed by real-time insights, you’ll be able to identify sales and hiring needs to keep your company humming.

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    Project Financials

    With Parallax, projects are centered around financial goals throughout the lifecycle of the project. Course correct before issues arise through projected project insights that allow you to hit your margin goals.

With an integrations-first mindset, Parallax empowers digital services companies to unlock more value and insights from the tools they already have. It creates alignment across the business for better visibility and decision-making without forcing teams to adopt new tools and systems.

Parallax for Digital Services Businesses

“We built Parallax as the tool we wish we had at our own shops. It delivers better visibility, better insights, and stronger connectivity across the business, without forcing teams to switch tools. But our expert team, who walk with you to improve your operations, is what separates us from the pack.”

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Tom O’Neill
Founder and CEO