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Meet the Speakers

Photo of Austin Sheaffer

Austin Sheaffer

Head of Client Success, Parallax

Prior to joining Parallax, Austin spent 10 years in agency leadership and was responsible for operations and the financial success of the business. Those responsibilities led him to implement Parallax at his old agency giving him a deep understanding of the platform and its power.

Photo of Jenny Holman

Jenny Holman

President, Clockwork

Jenny started her career as a consultant with Accenture and moved into IT consulting in the legal field before joining Clockwork in 2010. With client-side and in-house experience across verticals, she has a keen mind for aligning business objectives with digital initiatives.

Photo of Courtney Miner

Courtney Miner

Director of Client Success, Clockwork

Courtney leads Clockwork’s team of Client Strategists and Project Managers, setting a high standard for client satisfaction. As Director of Client Success at Clockwork, she ensures that clients experience the value of their partnership with Clockwork.

Clockwork is an experience design and technology consultancy focused on transforming businesses by focusing on the “why” behind problems to develop performance-based solutions. 

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Parallax is a resourcing, forecasting, and analytics platform that helps digital agencies and software consultancies grow by creating a shared perspective across their organizations, aligning the ambition of their business with the ambition of their people.