The Focal Point Blog // Business Strategy // Tom O'Neill // July 6, 2022

The Growth Mindset for Digital Agencies

Scaling a digital shop is challenging. I’ve been there.

Last week, we were given the opportunity to speak with other digital shops via the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA). Given the uncertainty in today’s economic climate, we wanted to explore what growth means for agencies. 

Growth can happen when you’re masters of your craft; this leads to more opportunities to do awesome work, meaning you start hiring more people. The next thing you know, you’ve grown. Fast. And you may be lacking the operational processes to keep scaling at this pace.

Many shops with good intentions for growth fall short in execution. According to the Service Performance Index, 80% of digital agencies remain “stuck” in the heroic maturity phase of their business.

The heroic phase relies on quick problem-solving and responsive solutions for client projects as they come up. Even though your teams are delivering excellent work, growth potential is limited because of poor operational habits and a narrow focus on day-to-day operations. Serving as the “hero” can function in the short term, but for most agencies, working this way isn’t sustainable. Friction starts to form. Leadership gets reactive – losing sleep over the balance of having too much work, or not enough.

This was a challenge Cam DeArmond, Managing Partner & Executive Creative Director at LA content studio Conscious Minds (CM) faced head-on.

Cam also joined the SoDA webinar panel to share how CM grew over the last few years by adopting operational best practices and implementing Parallax. In twelve months, CM increased annual profit by 133% and grew revenue by 199%.

Watch the full webinar recording from SoDA below for practical tips, best practices, and more.

Built by leaders in digital services, Parallax is designed to support the unique needs of digital agencies and custom software firms – combining real-time data with operational best practices to optimize resource planning and ROI. To start a conversation, reach out to us. We’d love to chat about how Parallax can help your scaling agency.