The Focal Point Blog // Operations Best Practices // Tom O'Neill // March 5, 2024

Why The Best Time Tracking Software is the One You’re Already Using

Figuring out the best time tracking software for your digital service organization is surprisingly quite straight-forward – it’s the one your team is currently using for time entry, the one your finance team is comfortable invoicing from, and the one you’ve invested years integrating into your workflows. 

Yup, that’s right — despite the myriad of options out there promising revolutionary changes, we advocate for the value and familiarity of the systems your organization has already put its trust in.

The Unpopular Reality of Time Entry

Let’s be honest… no one enjoys doing their timesheets. It’s a mundane task that’s often seen as a necessary evil and, frankly, it’s a bit of a drag. But here’s the thing: timesheets, while tactical, are crucial for operational success. They are the pulse by which many businesses bill, pay, and measure productivity. 

That said, the disdain for time entry doesn’t mean your organization should leap for a new time tracking software at the first sign of discontent or inefficiency. Switching to a new system might seem like an opportunity to improve operations in your digital services business, but it’s important that you ask yourself what outcome you hope to see following the change: is giving your billable people a better user interface for entering time going to drive strategic change in the business? 

An “easier” interface or a “single source of truth” often tempts leadership into believing it will unlock new levels of efficiency or employee satisfaction, but this overlooks a fundamental truth: 

the real strategic value lies not in the tool used for time tracking but in how effectively a company plans resources, forecasts demand, and manages project finances.

The Cost of Unnecessary Change

Embracing a new time tracking software doesn’t just involve learning a new interface or tweaking a few processes. It’s a substantial change that impacts invoicing, payroll, task management, and, most crucially, the daily routines of every individual contributor in your organization. This kind of change is not only disruptive but also expensive – both in terms of direct costs and the indirect toll it takes on productivity and morale. 

On top of all that, it’s very likely people aren’t going to like the new time tracking software. At best, they might dislike it a little less than the old one – so why bother?

Leveraging Existing Infrastructure for Strategic Advantage

By enhancing your existing processes with cutting-edge resource management, capacity planning, and project accounting features, your business can adopt best practices for strategic planning without the unnecessary friction and upheaval of replacing foundational systems.

That’s where Parallax comes in. Our founders spent dozens of years growing digital services companies and specifically built the tool to focus on strategic operations over tactical things like time tracking. 

Parallax has demonstrated through rigorous analysis and real-world outcomes that mastering strategic resource planning, accurate forecasting, and proactive project accounting are the true catalysts for enhancing billable utilization, boosting project margins, and driving revenue growth. These are the areas where strategic value is created and sustained, far beyond the superficial ease of new time tracking software. 

Parallax shines by integrating seamlessly into the CRM and time tracking software systems you already use, focusing on elevating your strategic capabilities rather than overhauling or disrupting your tactical tools. This approach helps digital service organizations achieve significant gains in billable utilization, project margins, and revenue growth and advocates for smarter use of current investments to elevate strategic effectiveness.

Keep Your Focus on Strategic Value 

The quest for the best time tracking software might be a red herring in the pursuit of operational excellence. Instead, the key to unlocking significant improvements in billable utilization, project margin, and revenue growth lies in refining your approach to strategic resource planning, forecasting, and project accounting. 

Parallax is designed to empower your team to achieve these goals using the tools you’ve already mastered, reaffirming that, sometimes, the best change is no change at all.

If you have questions about the software and systems you currently use and whether they can integrate with Parallax, we’re ready to chat when you are.