The Focal Point Blog // Project Management // Jacob Ward // September 13, 2022

Parallax Expands Project Management Integration with Addition of Asana and Jira

In this article, we will discuss how Parallax is enhancing its project management capabilities by integrating with Asana and Jira, providing digital service companies better resource planning and forecasting. With these integrations, project managers can work more strategically and maintain a clearer understanding of project performance and progress.

Key Takeaways:

  • Parallax integrates with Asana and Jira, allowing project managers to access critical performance data for smarter resource planning and forecasting.
  • These integrations help separate project management and resource planning functions, leading to more strategic resourcing decisions.
  • Project Velocity Insights Report in Parallax shows current project progress and estimated completion, ensuring project and resource plans remain aligned.
  • Integrating with best-in-class project management tools promotes smarter, strategic, and proactive resource planning.

By augmenting leading tools with Parallax’s predictive forecasting, project managers are positioned for more mature operations and better resource planning

Parallax was founded on the belief that integrating with best-in-class tools – and not replacing them with a monolithic system – can curate a shared perspective across the platforms that best serve each function in a digital services company. We’re driven to help companies achieve better resource planning and forecasting so they can scale collaboratively. Our next step toward that vision comes to life today with the integration of Asana and Jira to our ecosystem. By adding these two great tools, Parallax will empower digital service companies to create alignment between their resource and project plans without needing a single source of truth. 

Project and task data via Asana and Jira helps visualize the work to be done in the context of resource plans and budgets tracked in Parallax. Delivery teams and project managers can continue to use the tools they love while unlocking critical performance data that informs smarter resource planning and forecasting. These integrations achieve the governance companies demand for faster reconciliation and consistency across platforms without the administrative burdens and adoption challenges of all-in-one tools. 

These integrations also provide critical context on project performance and help delivery teams and project managers begin to scenario plan how and when projects will conclude based on current performance. This perspective and context help ensure teams meet project expectations, budgets, timelines, and margin targets and will give users early warning signs if adjustments are needed.

Better Habits and Shared Visibility 

We also believe that integrating project data straight from these great tools will enable smarter resource planning and help project managers work more strategically. A bad habit we often encounter in digital services companies is that the backlog of tasks or points in a PM tool becomes the de facto source for future resource planning. But this approach doesn’t always consider profitability and performance goals, and it conflates two important functions: project management and resource planning. 

Parallax helps to decouple these functions and brings data together from the sales pipeline and current backlog in order to inform more strategic resourcing decisions and forecasts.

Parallax helps teams stay on track using great project management tools. And it integrates that data to ensure that projects are delivered profitably, and that resource and project plans are always in alignment. 

Parallax’s Project Velocity Insights Report shows current project progress and estimated completion, helping to keep project and resource plans aligned.

Parallax creates a better mechanism to compare resource plans to project plans (we think doing this weekly is a good rhythm). With more visibility and insight into current project health and estimated completions, resource teams can more effectively balance workloads across the business and plan for current and future work. This provides a shared responsibility on project and resource planning – instead of assuming that what’s tracking in PM tools will always work out in the end.

Smart, strategic, proactive resource planning is the foundational habit that Parallax unlocks.

With project data flowing into our ecosystem from Asana and Jira, we’ve created a better way for project managers to keep their teams on track and projects successful. And with this integration, digital services companies can make more informed decisions based on real-time and accurate data without replacing some of the best PM tools in the market. Learn more about Parallax for project managers.  

See our Integration in Action

Watch our on-demand demo on the Parallax integration with Asana and Jira to see real-world examples of velocity insights reports and how leveraging these leading platforms leads to better project management as well as smarter resourcing. 

Check it out here!