Time is Money: Why & How to Plan for 100% Utilization

There’s a rampant problem raging in digital service planning causing uncaptured revenue potential. Many organizations aim to hit best-in-class utilization targets of 80-85%, but find those goals are rarely met. So how should you actually set and crush your utilization goals?

In this recording, you’ll learn:

  • Why billable capacity is different from billable target
  • Why you should plan to billable capacity, and not to billable target
  • How billable capacity directly relates to revenue capacity
  • How planning to billable target is killing your gross margin
  • What digital service orgs can learn from airlines about utilization goals
  • How to plan to 100% of billable capacity and how it works in practice
  • How to reward your team from improved revenue performance

Hear from Tom O’Neill, CEO and founder of Parallax, as he dishes the secrets to realizing your full revenue potential through 100% utilization planning.

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