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The Professional Services Flywheel You’re Missing

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We’ve all been there – relying on heroic efforts within our teams to get projects out the door. But there is a solve for moving towards a more strategic approach, and it lies within your team.

Join us on August 03 @ 1PM EDT / 10AM PDT as Tom O’Neill, CEO and Co-Founder at Parallax, and Matt Walton, VP of Marketing at Harvest, drop knowledge to help you leverage your team to make strategic decisions for your business growth, by educating them on the power of time tracking data and the Professional Services Flywheel.

You’ll walk away with:

  1. Learnings on how to shift your team’s perspectives on time tracking: from punitive to productive
  2. An understanding of how to utilize the Professional Services Flywheel model to encourage conversations in your organization regarding the successes and pitfalls of your projects
  3. Tangible tools to onboard new team members to better understand your agency’s business model

Take advantage of this opportunity to unleash the true potential of time tracking. Register and join the conversation!

Tom O'Neill, CEO & Co-Founder at Parallax. Matt Walton VP of Marketing at Harvest.

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