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Predictive Resource Management Software

Resource Optimization for Digital Services Companies

Parallax’s resource planning software enables sales, team, and project leads to determine planned capacity and resource needs with certainty. Easily assess utilization, balance workloads, and match the best resources to the right projects for optimal team performance.

“Parallax gives us a snapshot of how Kahoa’s doing, when projects are ending, when they’re starting, and what resources we need to recruit for. We can see, based on forecasts in Parallax, how many people per discipline we’re going to need for an upcoming project.”

chad atkinson

Chad Atkinson
Partner, Kahoa

Take Your Tools to The Next Level

Curate a shared perspective with the tools you already use. Parallax delivers predictive resourcing and active forecasting without forcing delivery teams to change.

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Resource Management vs. Capacity Planning: Do You Know the Difference?

Digital services companies spend a lot of time on the day-to-day management of resources, which helps them understand what skill sets their current employees have and what services they can deliver today. But what about predicting future customer demand?