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Parallax vs. Projector: PSA Software Comparison

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With Parallax, you’re not just adding another tool to your operations toolkit – you’re getting the guidance needed to adopt the strategies, best practices, and habits used by the highest performing services companies. Our approach allows you to get more value from the tools you already use like Salesforce, HubSpot, Harvest, Asana, and JIRA to establish and maintain a complete picture of your operational health. Parallax was built by industry experts who are committed to helping you grow and succeed.

How Parallax Drives Outcomes Differently

  • Parallax offers more value for the price

    Not only do you get our tool and the knowledge and support from our team, you also get to maximize the impact of your existing toolset through strategic integrations with best-in-class products like Salesforce, HubSpot, Harvest, Asana, and JIRA.

  • Our pricing model is simple and tied to value

    Other PSAs charge extra fees for integrations, ongoing consulting, or customized reporting. There are no hidden fees with Parallax. We charge a flat fee per billable resource with free access to anyone else on your team – including contractors. You’ll know exactly what to expect after our first phone call.

  • Pricing doesn’t change during the length of the contract

    Our number one goal is for you to grow your company, so we won’t penalize you for making strides toward success. That’s why we lock in the price of Parallax for the duration of the contract, regardless of how much your team grows!

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Real-Time Capacity Insights

Maintaining a real-time, accurate view of resource capacity compared to the demand in the sales pipeline allows digital services companies to confidently plan and price new deals based on the available capacity, improving overall utilization and profitability.

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Predictive Resource Management

Parallax makes it easier to pre-plan, schedule, and allocate your resources by creating visibility into planned utilization — which makes proactive resource planning possible.

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Insights and Reporting

Not just any business intelligence tool. Parallax combines the right data with the right tools to deliver the strategic insights and expert perspective you need to grow with purpose.

“There were PSA tools that had more features than Parallax in the early days. But these additional capabilities got lost in the sauce. They were so complex that it was not an intuitive experience. With Parallax, it’s so clear, simple, and easy.”

cam dearmond

Cam DeArmond
CEO + Managing Partner, Conscious Minds

“It was important for us to find a platform that gave us the ability to make decisions using data from tools we already use. The fact that Parallax talks to HubSpot and Harvest meant we didn’t need to switch everything over to a new platform.”

ivan stegic

Ivan Stegic

“As a company dedicated to delivering digital design, development, and consulting services, Parallax has elevated our ability to accurately and seamlessly manage project tracking and resource planning. Because the Parallax platform was built to serve the specific needs of our market and integrates with our existing business applications, we are able to deliver better experiences for our team and clients and focus on helping more businesses create successful, engaging products that people love.”

bruce mcmahon

Bruce McMahon
CEO, Think Company

Built as an Integrations-First PSA

Our platform leverages the tools that already work for your teams with thoughtful and strategic integrations. In doing so, Parallax fills the gaps that digital services firms often face with their cross-functional systems that often result in significant time and money spent to establish a less-than-ideal custom integration.

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Empower Your People, Succeed as a Business

Don’t burden your teams with new systems. Empower them to choose their tools. Create a shared perspective and better business insights with Parallax to optimize performance and unlock strategic growth.