parallax vs kantata

Comparing kantata vs. parallax

Meet Parallax – The Kantata Alternative

Legacy PSAs, like Kantata, are all-in-one solutions built for top-down control within service organizations. The collection of time tracking, project management, resource allocation and invoicing tools have substandard functionality that creates adoption issues and lengthy implementation and onboarding. Legacy PSAs focus on analysis on historic work and don’t give you the forward-looking planning needed to out-plan uncertainty.

Taking Big Bets and Big Risks with Kantata

Choosing Kantata can come with unintended consequences like:

  • roadmap

    Platform Adoption Friction

    Teams say ‘goodbye’ to the tools they love which generally leads to decreased adoption and degradation of data ultimately impacting business-critical operations and insights

  • Lengthy Onboarding

    Vital operational processes slow down or grind to a halt as you spend the next 6-12 months onboarding your entire company to a new all-in-one solution

  • exclamation mark

    Gap in Predictive Business Insights

    A lack of real-time or forward-looking data limits the business intelligence you need to drive your operational performance and revenue growth

Keep Using the Tools You Love

We’re not an all-in-one tool for a reason. We know you have tools you love that keep your business running seamlessly. With Parallax, no rip and replace required with our easy setup and quick integrations!

We often get compared to Kantata, so what’s the difference?

Get a side-by-side of features and reviews below!

So how do you get started with Parallax?

With our expert onboarding specialists, we’ll have you up and running in 30-90 days. Our onboarding consists of three key phases:

  • Kickoff with Parallax Onboarding Implementation specialists!

    You’ll focus on platform backend setup and data migration (the nitty gritty stuff)

  • dashboard

    Onboarding to Implementation – Get set up the right way!

    This is all about getting your services in Parallax and ensuring your pipeline is pulling in the proper CRM data. Key stakeholders will also be fully immersed in training on Ops Cadence Best Practices.

  • checkmark

    Go Live – You’re off to the races!

    You’ll always have access to our support team and knowledge base. More importantly, you’ll have a monthly customer success call and quarterly business reviews to ensure things are running seamlessly.

Still not convinced?

Check out what our customers have to say!

“Parallax created broad visibility across all of our projects, allowing us to dig into projects and easily see how they’re staffed and the budget and timeline for each. It’s empowering to have insights at your fingertips that help you understand how things are going and why, so we can stay on top of everything.”

Nick Lindeke
Head of Delivery, LaunchPad Lab