Free Harvest Utilization Report

How much revenue capacity are you leaving on the table? Get the free utilization report to see how your billable utilization compares to the team’s capacity.

Understand your Utilization in Minutes

We love Harvest, and with Parallax, our customers 10x the value of time tracking by adding active resource planning, sophisticated project accounting, and real-time forecasting to their operations. Before you dive into Parallax, get a feel for our analytics and business intelligence with our free billable utilization report.

This report will help you understand your team’s utilization compared to their capacity by directly integrating with your Harvest data in real time.

Securely sync* Harvest with Parallax for a free report on:

Billable utilization vs. capacity

Utilization broken down by billable, non-billable, and PTO

Unused revenue capacity

*All data processed for the utilization report is scrubbed of personal identifying information and is anonymized. We will not share your data with any third party.

Harvest + Parallax

Take the guesswork out of planned vs. actual utilization and avoid burnout altogether. Parallax integrates with your Harvest data to provide easy access to planned capacity and resource needs so you can start matching people to the right projects for optimal team performance.

About Parallax

Parallax allows seamless orchestration between best-in-class tools. With Parallax, digital services organizations unlock stronger margins, better revenue, and measured growth. Watch it in action with our on-demand demo.

Parallax creates visibility and resource assignments across projects, teams, and accounts in real time, which enables resource managers and team leads to quickly evaluate workloads, and make real-time adjustments to maintain higher utilization and team engagement.

“It was important for us to find a platform that gave us the ability to make decisions using data from tools we already use. The fact that Parallax talks to Harvest meant we didn’t need to switch everything over to a new platform.”

Ivan Stegic