How-To Guide: Implementing Operational Best Practices that Drive Strategic Growth

Driving strategic growth starts with mastering the basics. Download our free e-book on the quick wins that will deliver big impact on resource planning and forecasting.

At Parallax, we believe that achieving operational health isn’t an overcomplicated change management nightmare: there are some tried-and-true best practices used by leading digital services companies to make sure their teams and projects are on track. By getting into an agreed-upon routine and cadence of reviewing and validating data across timekeeping, active project backlog, and sales pipeline systems, organizations set themselves up for greater visibility into business performance — and greater visibility leads to happier, healthier, and more strategic operations.

This eBook dives into these three operational cadence best practices:

  • Timesheet review and validation

  • Active project backlog review and validation

  • Sales pipeline review and grooming

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