Strategic Forecasting Through Better Resource Planning

Weekly resource management can feel tedious and downright painful at times. But it doesn’t have to be. Leveraging the industry best practices employed by the most successful digital services companies, we’ve created an actionable playbook to move from tactical resource management to strategic resource planning with advice you can start using today.

What’s Covered In This Guide?

How to leverage resource planning to forecast revenue, manage profit margins, and get ahead of demand.

How to stop reinventing the resource wheel every week and learn to plan 6-8 weeks in the future.

How to make better, more strategic resource decisions based on current, incoming, and potential work.


Reduce reactivity, increase productivity & boost employee engagement.

Good resource planning underpins every meaningful forecast, limits reactive hiring, and enables more proactive, strategic growth for your business and your people.

“Parallax gives us a snapshot of how Kahoa’s doing, when projects are ending, when they’re starting, and what resources we need to recruit for. We can see, based on forecasts in Parallax, how many people per discipline we’re going to need for an upcoming project.”

chad atkinson

Chad Atkinson
Partner, Kahoa