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Why Parallax’s Customers Choose Hubspot


Digital service organization successes hinge on more than doing great work; they rely on consistent commercial focus practices such as: effective sales strategies, efficient pipeline management, and strong go-to-market motion.

Because of this, as organizations mature, they may find themselves looking to improve their sales and marketing operations by adopting tools for CRM.

Lately, we’ve seen many business leaders explore ad hoc tools like Google Spreadsheets, or “all-in-one” tools such as, ClickUp, or Motion over using dedicated, best-of-breed CRM tools such as Hubspot. These leaders cite the more flexible, ad-hoc nature of these systems as a perceived advantage. 

However, it’s crucial to understand why structured, focused tools for CRM like HubSpot, and forecasting and resource management tools like Parallax, are essential to ingraining these vital practices and propelling a business toward enduring success.

The Pitfalls of Ad-Hoc Tools  

It’s a story we often hear. Service organizations will come to us as they’re in the process of revisiting their management tools, such as a CRM and are looking into “flexible” tools like spreadsheets, or

Q: “Why are you looking to adopt a new tool for CRM?” 

A: “Because we want to improve our Sales Processes.”

Q: What’s attractive about over HubSpot?

A: I love the flexibility of, we can customize it to fit our processes perfectly!

Q: “So you want to use a tool like so that you can easily customize it to your unique processes… the same processes that you think need to be improved?”

Follow-up Q: “Why not use a tool that was purpose-built to help companies, like yours, adopt best practice processes for selling consistently? Would that help you improve?”

Initially, the flexibility of these tools is attractive. However, they soon find themselves in a maze of their own customization, trying to bend these tools to fit their unique approach to sales. 

The lack of inherent structure and guidance toward best practices means they struggle to establish simple, effective habits. The result? A cumbersome, inefficient process that hinders adoption across the entire organization and fails to unleash the true potential of pipeline management and CRM strategies.

“If you’re building a football team, do you want the guy that can play every position well, or do you want the best quarterback you can find? I think that’s the better approach. So if you’re focused on one or two things and you have a whole team dedicated to it, I think you’re gonna end up with a better product that does that thing or those things then if you try to have a product does everything.”

bruce mcmahon

Bruce McMahon
COO, Think Company

The Hubspot Advantage

In contrast, our customers that utilize HubSpot appreciate the intuitive workflows and user experience that was purpose built to support best practices for pipeline management, sales strategy, and revenue operations. 

Let’s face it, change is hard. But adoption can be straightforward when you have tools that are designed to well. We’ve seen teams quickly grasp the CRM concepts, and their companies  see rapid improvement in processes. This structured approach fosters the adoption of proven habits and behaviors, leading to a successful CRM strategy. 

Why reinvent the wheel? Your sales and marketing operations shouldn’t be what make your company unique. We challenge leaders in Digital Services companies to build on best practices, save your innovation for your craft and the methodology that you deliver great work for your customers.

Why Choose a CRM like HubSpot Over Ad-Hoc Tools:

  • Structured & Influential : HubSpot provides a structured environment designed explicitly for CRM, guiding users towards effective practices in pipeline management and sales strategy. The product can influence users toward the behaviors and habits that will improve their performance.
  • Ease of Adoption: With intuitive workflows and built-in best practices, HubSpot simplifies the adoption process, making it easier for teams to embrace CRM habits and behaviors quickly.
  • Focus on CRM Best Practices: Unlike ad-hoc tools, HubSpot is built to focus on best practices, ensuring that your team is using a tool and adopting proven strategies for success.
  • Efficiency and Productivity: The specialized features of HubSpot streamline CRM tasks, leading to increased efficiency and productivity, as opposed to the often cumbersome process of customizing general tools.
  • Long-Term Success: Companies using HubSpot tend to see quicker and more effective results in their CRM initiatives, leading to long-term success in customer relationship management.

Because Hubspot focuses their efforts to be a best-in-class CRM, adding other best-in-category tools is key to ensuring a consistent, operational cadence.

The Perfect Duo: Parallax and Hubspot

When reconsidering your tech stack, consider tools that offer structure and focus, promoting a quicker implementation and full adoption among stakeholders. 

When pairing best-in-breed tools, like Hubspot and Parallax, real change happens. With Parallax sitting between best-in-class CRM, like Hubspot, and a timesheet tool, teams gain a connected perspective on the real-time state of the business, and forecasted insights months into the future.

“The confidence we now have when we look at the pipeline and past business performance compared to work in hand, has allowed us to get ahead of things. We were previously extremely reactive in terms of capacity. Now, we see things coming, can make proactive decisions, and have been more profitable as a result.”

patrick mcphail headshot

Patrick McPhail
COO, Imarc