Orchestrate Your Service Operations More Efficiently and Profitably

With Parallax, digital services organizations are leveraging predictive resourcing and active forecasting to unlock stronger margins, better revenue, and measured growth.

Timesheets + Parallax

Calling all Harvest and Toggl users! Get your free utilization report for visibility into billable capacity, untapped revenue, and more. Take your timesheet data to the next level – and it only takes seconds.

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Purpose-Built to Drive Better Forecasting. Informed by Real-World Experience.

Built by industry veterans, Parallax exists to help growth-minded digital services companies make strategic decisions with confidence. By enabling teams with a curated perspective and an integrated toolset, Parallax eliminates the emotion, uncertainty, and friction caused by homegrown tools and monolithic platforms that keep important data and decisions in silos.

“As a company dedicated to delivering digital design, development, and consulting services, Parallax has elevated our ability to accurately and seamlessly manage project tracking and resource planning. Because the Parallax platform was built to serve the specific needs of our market and integrates with our existing business applications, we are able to deliver better experiences for our team and clients and focus on helping more businesses create successful, engaging products that people love.”

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Bruce McMahon
COO, Think Company

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Helping Companies Achieve Strategic Growth

Nearly 80% of digital services companies in North America struggle to grow profitability. Stuck in a swirl of business heroics and gut decisions, fractured operations keep teams from doing their best work and limits forward-looking strategy. Parallax believes that companies succeed when they unlock the potential of their people and create alignment and clarity. Cut through the noise, get past opportunistic practices, and drive better operations with a shared perspective.


An Integrated Toolset for Better Visibility

Automate workflows and create governance across systems without sacrificing the tools your team loves. Parallax curates a shared perspective by natively integrating with top CRM, project management, and timesheet platforms, meaning you get better resourcing visibility without the adoption nightmares of a monolithic all-in-one system.

Take Your Tools to The Next Level

Curate a shared perspective with the tools you already use. Parallax delivers predictive resourcing and active forecasting without forcing delivery teams to change.