“I’m confident Parallax is the reason why our utilization increased.”

Since adopting Parallax:
19% Utilization Increase Utilization Increase
132% Revenue Growth Revenue Growth
13% Project Margin Project Margin
73% Rev. Per Employee Rev. Per Employee

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Grow confidently with forward-looking capacity & resource planning.

Stopping reactive operations starts with Parallax.

Forecasted Capacity Planning

See team capacity to take on projects and align sales to sell your available capacity.

Connect sales & delivery before projects are won to efficiently set up successful engagements.

Resource Planning & Management

Maximize team utilization by evaluating and adjusting workloads. 

Use data-backed insights to identify what skills you need to hire for to keep your growth humming.

Project Financials

Projects are centered around financial goals from initial resource plans to real-time project burn-to-budget.

Course correct and hit your margin like clockwork.

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  • Real-time, accurate insights
  • Plan ahead with forecasted capacity planning
  • Project financial views for the whole team